The Skylight Inn

The delectable delights of The Skylight Inn must be sampled if you’re a fan of barbecue while visiting Ayden, North Carolina. The Skylight Inn, located in the center of this quaint southern town, is renowned for its barbecue not only in North Carolina but also throughout the rest of the country. The Skylight Inn is a must-visit location for foodies thanks to its extensive history, commitment to tradition, and enthusiasm for perfecting the art of barbeque.

A Legacy of Barbecue Excellence

The Skylight Inn is a family-run business with a long history that was founded in 1947 by Pete Jones. The Jones family takes great satisfaction in carrying on their patriarch’s legacy of bbq cooking, which he developed as a youngster. Sam Jones, a third-generation pitmaster, continues the family tradition today by making sure that every serving of barbecue at The Skylight Inn retains the same level of excellence and flavor.

A Simple yet Timeless Menu

The Skylight Inn stands out for its dedication to simplicity. The menu is pleasantly straightforward and concentrates on the staples: whole-hog barbecue, slaw, and cornbread. Of course, the barbecue itself is the main attraction. Whole hogs are slowly roasted over hardwood flames, producing flavorful, tender, and luscious flesh. Traditional barbecue cooking methods are used at The Skylight Inn to uphold the beloved customs of eastern North Carolina barbecue.

The Art of Whole-Hog Barbecue

The technique of whole-hog barbeque is revered at The Skylight Inn. The selection procedure starts with choosing the highest-quality hogs, usually purchased from nearby farms. After that, the pigs are rubbed down with a special spice mixture and roasted in open-pit, wood-fired smokers. It’s a time-consuming procedure that calls for talent, endurance, and in-depth knowledge of the trade.

The Iconic Skylight Inn Slaw

The Skylight Inn’s famous slaw goes well with its succulent barbeque. Although the slaw is straightforward, it perfectly balances the barbecue’s robust and smokey aromas. It offers a cool, tangy counterpoint to the salty meat and is made with cabbage, vinegar, and the perfect amount of flavor.

The Cornbread Connection

Without a piece of The Skylight Inn’s renowned cornbread, no barbecue meal is complete. Cast-iron skillets are used to bake the cornbread, giving it a crispy surface and a warm, fluffy interior. It’s the perfect accompaniment to mop up the mouthwatering BBQ juices.

A Sense of Tradition

The Skylight Inn is more than simply a location to grab something to eat quickly; it’s an experience that takes you back in time. The aged wood and vintage signage in the rustic decor give off a nostalgic feeling. Customers can see the open pit where the magic of barbecue is created, giving them a front-row seat to the long-standing culinary heritage.

Recognition and Awards

The Skylight Inn’s commitment to excellence is well known. Numerous regional and national organizations have praised and recognized it. Its reputation as a barbecue hotspot has been cemented by appearances in publications including Southern Living, Garden & Gun, and the Food Network.

Community Involvement and Giving Back

The Skylight Inn is not only known for its excellent barbeque; it is also firmly rooted in the neighborhood. The Jones family actively participates in neighborhood activities and charitable causes, demonstrating their dedication to helping others and standing up for their neighbors.

Ayden, North Carolina: A Taste

When you stay at The Skylight Inn, you get the chance to learn more about Ayden’s culture and history in addition to indulging in some of the best barbeque in the world. The Skylight Inn is a representation of the wonderful southern hospitality that permeates this tiny southern town, and it is that hospitality that is so well-known throughout the region.

Plan Your Visit

The best BBQ you’ve ever had is waiting for you if you decide to stay at The Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina. The restaurant has gained a following among both locals and barbecue enthusiasts thanks to its commitment to upholding tradition while providing unsurpassed flavor. The Skylight Inn is a gastronomic experience you won’t want to miss, whether you’re a fan of barbecue or simply want to sample real southern food.

In conclusion, The Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina, is more than simply a dining establishment; it’s also a representation of southern hospitality and a working example of whole-hog barbecue. It continues to delight generations of barbecue lovers and is regarded as a revered landmark in the world of American barbecue because of its everlasting devotion to tradition and flavor. Don’t miss the chance to experience The Skylight Inn’s enchantment when you’re in Ayden because it’s a bit of BBQ heaven in the middle of North Carolina.

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